Grow your influence and wealth for AAX’s 1 year anniversary, get 40% commission on all your referrals whilst we celebrate!

Campaign period:

16th November - 15th December

AAX Tribe:

AAX Tribe is the unique AAX referral program where users can refer their friends to join AAX and enjoy a bunch of benefits together! Each user has one unique referral code, you can find it in your personal AAX Tribe, under your account details. When your friends use the referral code / link to register an account, you can earn 40% in commission rebates on trades they made.

Terms and conditions:

  1. All referral commissions will calculate daily and transfer to the tribe owner’s account at UTC 00:00 every day.

  2. Campaign period: 16th November - 15th December

  3. 40% commission is applicable to direct referrals only.

  4. There is no limit to the number of referrals a single account can make.

  5. If your referral uses AAB from the reward hub for trading fees you will not be applicable.

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